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Paper details

Guideline for the Project Report. (Minimum 14 pages Report) (20 % marks)
Table of contents with proper page numbers
Research methodology

Literature review
Conclusion and recommendation

No acceptance after the due dates.
Over 15 % plagiarism is not acceptable.
The students need to submit a soft (to Safe Assignment) and hard copy (to the Instructor) of the report not less than 14 pages and to present his work in the class.
This is the students responsibility to arrange a time for presentation with the Instructor at least one Week before the Presentation.
Be careful about plagiarism.


General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a mobile data service which works on 2G OR 3G cellular communication systems GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) standardized the GPRS originally in response to an  i-mode AND CDPD packet-switched cellular technologies. The GPRS is now maintained by 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The usage of GPRS is based on the volume of data transferred in contrast with the circuit switched data which is usually billed in the connection time of one minute. The usage of GPRS above the bundle cap is either charged as per megabyte or else disallowed.


GPRS is best-effort service which is implied on the variable throughput and latency which depends upon the total number of users who share the service opposed to the circuit switching with certain amount of quality of service. The GPRS contains the networks such as 2G, 3G and WCDMA mobile networks which help in the transmission of the IP packets to the external networks such as the internet. It is a integrated part of GSM network switching subsystems.

In this research I am going to talk about the different categories coming under the GPRS networks. The first one is the difference between the GPRS as well as the GSM. The second one is the benefits of GPRS in day-to-day life.  Along with this, even the technologies used in the development of GPRS will also be mentioned.


In this research, I am going to search about the reasons for the wide use of GPRS, advantages and disadvantages of the GPRS and also the technologies used in the development of these networks from the two journals, three books and the three internet websites. In addition to these, I am going to survey which includes ten people to show the importance of the usage of GPRS networks. Furthermore, I will interview some of the people who use these kinds of network and bring into light about their opinions regarding the GPRS. The purpose of browsing through these primary and secondary resources is just to expand the knowledge of the viewers and make this project more successful one.




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