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Paper details

Write a paper comparing and contrasting TWO specific photographs ( of Gerd Ludwig and Ernest Cole: ONE PHOTOGRAPH FROM EACH PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!). The photographs you are writing about should be included as an embedded image in your paper.
Examine their images very carefully and:

• Make specific comments regarding each photographer’s technique, composition, and vision.
• How do the two photographers use light, texture, form?
• What does the photograph tell you about the photographer?
• Does the technical quality of the photograph (or lack of it) help or hinder the success of the photograph?

• Discuss what you think may have been the photographer’s intention (what do you think they were trying to communicate)
• How have these image (s) or photographer (s) inspired you personally?
• Additionally, comment on how the two photographs are similar to or different from each other.
• Discuss the differences and similarities in the messages that the photographers are trying to convey.
• Discuss any historical significance of the photographs or when they were made.
• Include the title, year, and photographic process (most of which can be found on the museum card).

When discussing and describing each image, imagine that the person reading your paper is unable to see the image. Describe each so that this person can completely visualize the photograph.
Compose complete thoughts and sentences, clarity is essential.