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From the Beginning to the End

Category: Essay Writing

From the Beginning to the End

Paper details

1. clear thesis; could you make it more precise by sketching out for your reader the consequences of these major themes
2. could you provide evidence for the setting of Walton’s and Frankenstein’s meeting?
what is the role of nature, and setting, in the novel? or natural philosophy and knowledge? could you provide evidence from the text?

3. do you have evidence to support your claims about the Creature? and about the tension between good/evil in the novel?
4. good focus on details, especially Walton! How does the framing story affect our reading?
5. I’m not quite sure that I follow your argument in your conclusion. How is Frankenstein a representative of good? Could you provide some more evidence from the text. This is provocative position — I want to hear more!
This is a developing paper. You take up a number of key issues in the text and write clearly to explain your perspective. However, more evidence from the text would allow you to make your argument more sophisticated and would help you to avoid summary.