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Four Frames Case Study Analysis – Bolman & Deal

Category: Essay Writing

• The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop your skills and understanding in applying the four organisational frames, as well as other relevant models and concepts from the course, to analyse and solve organisational problems. The assignment will also further develop your written communication skills.


• To develop skills in organisational diagnosis and analysis

• To develop a deeper understanding of, and skills in applying, the four organisational frames and related course concepts

• To develop written communication skills

Your Task:

• Use the four organizational frames and related concepts and literature to identify, analyse and offer a solution to an organisational issue that you have personally experienced. It is recommended that you choose an issue or problem which is complete (even if it was never successfully resolved), and which you see there is scope for learning by reflection. For example, you may have been involved in a change management process (e.g. a restructure, merger, acquisition etc) that did not work well. Note: you are free to choose the issue.

You will need to:

• Briefly describe the issue and the organisational context clearly.

• Critically analyse and evaluate the issue from the perspective of each of the four organisational frames: structural, HR, political and symbolic. In so doing, identify which frame(s) were dominant.

• Draw on your knowledge of the four frames to make specific recommendations for how the issue or problem could have been more effectively addressed or resolved.

• Support your analysis and demonstrate your insight into your issue by integrating relevant academic literature.

• Consider how you can support your claims and key points by using examples or data. Data may include informal interviews with key players, archival data (e.g. company reports, employee opinion polls, organisational charts)

Format for the report:

• The report should not exceed 2,000 words.

• Appendices are not included in the word count; however you cannot assume that these will be read in detail.

• Please put a word count on the front page of your assignment and ensure that you reference appropriately.

• Assignments exceeding the word limit by more than 10% will be penalised.

• All referencing should follow a standard referencing style that can be seen in any of the readings provided in the course.

Confidentiality: The report is for educational purposes only and will be treated as confidential.

Criteria & Marking: Four frames (40 marks)

• Applied the four frames effectively to the organisational case study in a critical rather than descriptive analysis of the case – 20

• Provided a well-structured report – 10

• Made good use of the literature provided in the workshop but also from other sources, and used the literature to support/extend/analyse the observations made in the case study – 10