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Ethnography Evaluation

Category: Essay Writing

Ethnography Evaluation Draft

Paper details

The details I am going to give you are also the details I have assigned for the rough draft. THIS IS THE EVALUATION DRAFT!!!!!! What our teacher said is that you will have to revise the paper (DO NOT WRITE A DIFFRRENT PAPAER) and the materials on the Evaluation Draft should be in the frame of the rough Draft and basically making the rough Draft a better paper with better materials.
I will upload the file of the rough draft. I will have to see changes or I won’t approve it. thanks.
Here are the details:
The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect upon your own affiliation with a particular group of people through the process of comparing analytically what you notice in the assigned reading with what you have experienced as a member of the group you will write about. Here are some things you may want to consider and address as you write this essay: What elements of belonging to a group do the essays focus on? How could you compare your experiences with those of the authors in our book? How do the authors we read deal with outside viewpoints? In other words, to what extent do these authors take into consideration how they are viewed by others? How might you take into consideration how people outside your group view you? What stereotypes exist about the group you identify with? Where do you find these stereotypes? TV? The hallways? Textbooks?

Web sites? Be specific. How do the authors of our readings deal with the issue of stereotyping? To what extent do the authors address how belonging to a group has influenced their sense of self? Can you make a comparison between how one author writes about his or her sense of self in relation to a group and your view of yourself in relation to the group you choose? How much do the authors investigate the history of their groups? How much of the history of your own group do you know? What if you found out something about your group that you did not like? How would you deal with it? How do the authors deal with it? To what extent do the authors delve into areas of conflict between what they believe about the group and what the group seems to believe about itself? To what extent do your beliefs differ in some ways with what the majority view of your group seems to be? To what extent do the authors explain the “qualifications” for belonging to the group? Are the qualifications for belonging to your group similar in some ways and different in other ways? What rituals, customs, modes of dress, kinds of food, ways of thinking, and acceptable ways of behaving do the authors discuss? How might you discuss these things, comparing what your group does to what the groups in the essays do? Do not attempt to write the essay by simply answering these questions in a list-like way. That would make for a disorganized paper. The questions here are to guide your thinking, and you do not have to incorporate all of them.