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Ethics and Legal Environment

Category: Ethics

Ethics and Legal Environment – 35 points(1,000-word limit)

Angela is a widow with three young children.  For the past several years she has worked very successfully as a mid-level manager for a large, transnational pharmaceutical corporation, making a salary of approximately $80,000 per annum.  She is proud of her work and proud to be affiliated with such a prestigious employer.

Her company has recently completed phase II of its animal testing on a promising new Ebola drug.  The successful development and commercialization of this drug is a key component in the company’s strategic growth plan.  Before the company can move from the animal testing stage to human trials the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must review and approve the animal testing results and give the okay for the human trials.  Without human trials the drug has no chance of making it to market.

This morning, Angela’s boss called her to a private meeting in his office.  After reiterating how important the success of the Ebola drug trials is to the future of the company, he directed her to change some figures related to the percentage of animals that died as a result of receiving injections of the Ebola drug during the phase II trials.  Specifically, he told Angela that her report to the FDA will have to show a percentage of animal deaths that is 10% lower than the actual rate of deaths the raw data in the test results indicate.

Based on the above, respond to each of the following:

  • What are Angela’s obligations as an agent of the company?
  • Analyze the ethics of the situation using the approach outlined in Figure 1.1 of the Hosmer text (p. 2): i.e., briefly consider the different standards and varying impacts that may come into play; define the moral problem; consider the potential economic outcomes, legal requirements, and ethical duties; then propose a convincing moral solution; or analyze the ethics of the situation using Badaracco’s framework.  Be sure to support your analysis through sound reasoning, incorporating appropriate ethical principles and theories.
  • Based on your legal and ethical analysis, advise Angela on what she should do.   Do not simply just give her options; tell her what she should do, and why.