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Establishing Baselines and Assessing Success

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In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate a specific business process based on criteria detailed below. If you already have selected a business process, continue using that and skip to the next paragraph. If you have not yet selected the business process you will use for these Assignments, then begin by selecting one. Email your instructor and clearly describe the objective of this process, the participants, and the strategic significance for the company. The business process you select must have a clear beginning and an end, with identifiable, specific steps. Your instructor will confirm that the process you selected is suitable or will ask you to select another one.


I have

Safaricom Company is one of the organizations that has invested in innovation and remained at the edge in terms of the latest technologies and provision of business solutions. The company is located in Nairobi Kenya has about 78% of the total number of mobile subscribers in the country (Aras, 2015). The company came up with a product by the name M-Shwari which is service linked to the registered M-Pesa account.




I have choosen: the metrics


Performance management metric 1: Productivity


Performance management metric 2:  User Satisfaction Score


Performance management metric 3:  Compliance


use the templete provided/ answer on the templete!