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Category: Essay Writing

Imagine the key elements of good ecological design and best environmental management practice for a hotel or attraction in fifty years time (that means year 2065). Use your knowledge of the current trends in hotels and attractions, and likely challenges to life and business in the future, to design the perfect hotel or attraction (like Beijing, Shanghai or some top cities).

Be imaginative.

While this essay requires you to be visionary, use the relevant academic and perhaps also technical literature skilfully to make your case.

You would first need to describe succinctly the likely world in fifty years time: economically, technologically, politically, socially and environmentally. While history shows us that we cannot know the future, paint a plausible picture; one scenario of the many possible. Remember that some things change rapidly while other things only change slowly.

Consider what would be the possible best responses a business could make in order to meet the needs of the future visitor. Think in terms of both design and management. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Merely repeating vague generalisations will not score well.

? Make environmental friendly

? Don’t simply say