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Environmental studies and Forestry

Category: Geography

write a summary of the experiment (using whole class’s data, provided by professor in iLearn assignments page). Write it with the following sections:
Introduction: explain why water quality is important
Objectives Statement: write a complete sentence about why we are doing this test—what is the objective of our research project?
Methods: how did you test the hypotheses, describe what the class did, include what the factor to be studied was & the replicates used
Results & Discussion:
• Find the average for each type of water—Bottled and the various Tap water sources
• Make a figure (excel bar chart) showing the average of each type of water
• Discuss the results & their significance (Is the water safe to drink? What does this mean to you?).
Conclusion: State whether the water is drinking water quality based on TDS
Reference list:
• Find 2 reliable references (for example, not Wikipedia or newspaper articles!!) that discuss drinking water quality or total dissolved solids in relation to drinking water,
• At least one of them should list what the standard limit for TDS is.
• Use them in the Introduction and R&D. You do not have to site them in text (Knuteson 2005), but you do have to put a full list of references at the end of the paper
— All sources of information should be referenced in the report using APA writing style