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Category: Engineering

The last few years have seen a number of devastating natural disasters, ranging from the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean to the Kashmiri earthquake. Each of these disasters requires a huge expenditure to ensure the minimum loss of life. The acute phase of recovery is the most widely publicised, but the ongoing, chronic, phase can last months or years where people need to live in poorer accommodation without the facilities that would normally be taken for granted. Your project is to research, design and (at least) model a product that can have a positive humanitarian impact in the aftermath of a natural disaster. This may range from a hand-powered mini-crane for rescue teams to a solar powered water purifier.

An alternative design project would be to look at a product to support the Physically Disadvantaged, such as motorised attachment for wheelchairs etc

You will be expected to draw on all aspects of this course and be able to demonstrate this in your assessment. You will be expected to research the product (need, potential market and competition) thoroughly and use sound design principles to reduce a number of possible solutions down to one that will be developed fully. Including Stakeholder Analysis and a Communications Strategy