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Category: Engineering

Final Project
Based on the following core and well data:
S„in- = 27% Sor = 22%
kro at Sw in- = .95
k, at So, = .6 k= 210 md lap = cp effective reservoir pressure = 6000 psi bottom-hole flowing well-bore pressure = 4200 psi effective drainage radius is 740 feet the well was drilled to TD with a 7 7/8 inch bit, using fresh-water 11 ppg bentonite mud. Porosity from well logs averages 23% Porosity from cores averages 19% The formation volume factor of oil is 1.3 bbls/STB. The water resistivity is .05 ohm-m.
Show all your work. Box your answers if it is a calculation. Include the units. Write legibly or preferably type the word answers. Include a cover page and staple the work to it.
1. Construct an oil-water relative permeability graph. (it can be a sketch, use graph paper.) What is the wetting phase and why? 2. Calculate initial water saturation, using Rt from the attached well log. 3. If Sw = 35%, what oil production rate would you expect (in barrels/day)? 4. What is the 00IP a. What porosity do you use and why? b. What ‘If or ‘net pay’ do you use and how does it compare to ‘gross pay’?