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Employment Law

Category: Law

Tasks: This coursework consists of questions based on a case study and requires you to:-

• Recognise, understand and apply appropriate case law and legislation to realistic business problem scenarios

• Critically evaluate the law relating to employment law

• Understand principles of law governing employment relationships

• Analyse complex factual situations and identify and apply relevant legal concepts in order to reach balanced conclusions and provide advice and recommendations.
Case Study – Problems at Softy Furnishings Ltd

Softy Furnishing Ltd (SF) is a small local firm which produces a number of decorative items for the home including cushions, curtains and bed linen. Hoping to bring its brand image up to date, the firm has just employed Roz who, straight from University, has some great ideas about how the firm’s products can be recreated to bring a modern feel to the home and how working practices can be brought up to date. Abbie has been a machinist at the firm for three years and has always enjoyed being allowed to plod along with her work, machining seams on cushions. Roz has brought in some new (very fast equipment) to speed up production but Abbie is refusing to use the machines as she says that as she was trained on more manual machines she should be allowed to continue to use them. Roz has promised training but Abbie says that she is happy to continue with what she is doing. Roz also wants to make changes in the warehouse however she often feels intimidated by the lads working in there. Dennis, Roz’s line manager has now told her that any changes she wants to make in the warehouse must go through him and that he will deal with the men in that part of the firm. Roz is not happy with this and tells him so but Dennis says that his decision is final and for her own good.

Two Questions:

Question 1: Advise Abbie as to whether she is obliged to use the new equipment.

Question 2: Advise Roz as to any action she can take in relation to the comments made by Dennis