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Category: Economics

Critically analyse the impact of the ‘transpacific partnership (TPP) agreement’ on Australia’s ability to achieve an ecological sustainable society.

1) You will need to discuss the implications of the TPP agreement (assuming it is implemented) using the material from Topics 1-5 and particularly the meaning of sustainability, how our society can achieve sustainability, the impediments to change and technological and institutional lock-in.
2) You will need to specifically make reference to ‘investor-state dispute clauses’ which are part of most free-trade agreements so there is a general literature on this.
3) You will need to engage with some published papers on the transpacific partnership agreement which has been proposed for many years and academics and others have discussed the general implications of the agreement as well as the environmental implications.
4) In addition, you should make reference to the leaks of components of the agreement and use the mainstream and non-mainstream press to help with your analysis. In terms of non-mainstream press you could source from Democracy Now, The Real News Network, The Conversation, and Crickey, amongst others.