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Category: Economics

According to one review of Screpanti’s book, Global Imperialism,

“Screpanti delves into the inner workings of global imperialism, explaining how it is different from past forms of imperialism, how the global distribution of wages is changing, and why multinational firms have strained to break free of national markets. He sees global imperialism as a developing process, one with no certain outcome. But one thing is clear: when economic crises become opportunities to discipline workers, and when economic policies are imposed through increasingly authoritarian measures, the vision of a democratic and humane world is what is ultimately at stake.”

Go sentence by sentence in this review, explaining very carefully what each of these sentences mean. For example, how is contemporary imperialism different form past forms? Why and how is the global distribution of wages changing? Why do MNC’s strain to break free of national markets? What obstacles to national markets impose? What is the nature of the discipline on global workers that economic crises provide? What is authoritarian about the way in which economic policies are imposed. Who writes these policies and how are they tied to global imperialism? Why and how exactly is the vision of a democratic and humane world at stake?