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Category: Economics

The paper will contain 3 parts:

Q1: What is the role of oil sector in the GCC economy?

objective: Analyse the role of oil sector for the GCC economy

Q2: What is the historical evolution and impact of oil dependency in the economies of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

objective: Assess the economies causes and current effects of oil dependency in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Q3: Which are the strategies Saudi Arabia and Kuwait could adopt to develop a non-oil dependent economy?

Objective: suggest strategies that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait could adopt to develop a non-oil economy
The work must contain tables, graphs and charts for the economy ‘analysed qualitatively’ using other research and adding personal thought

the analysis must be deductive

the paper must contain 3 frameworks:

SWOT, PESTLE and porters diamond of national advantage

the SWOT and PESTLE must be about KUWAIT and Saudi Arabia in the second question
The references must be annual reports, Company documentation, Academic journal articles, Newspaper articles and government sources
NOTE: the paper will only contain secondary data
and must be analysed QUALITATIVELY and it will be a deductive research