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Early Childhood Education in Contemporary America

Category: Education

ECE 200 Early Childhood Education in Contemporary America

Formal Writing Assignment#2: Guidelines For Field Observation Report

Section III

Observation Focus: Family Involvement, Child Guidance, and You as an ECE Professional


Please use the questions below to record and reflect on your observation. Be as comprehensive as possible. Each section must contain at least 2 references to the text, correctly cited using APA citation format. Make sure to use complete sentences and to proofread for spelling and grammar errors.


  • Family Involvement:

o   What have you observed about how teachers in your fieldwork setting interact with children’s families?

o   What kind of events and activities does your fieldwork setting offer for involving families?

o   Based on your observations, how well does your fieldwork setting provide activities for the six types of Family Involvement (Connect to Activities For Involvement, in chapter 13 “Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education “George S. Morrison”)

  • Child Guidance

o   What are some common child behaviors issues, and challenges that you have observed in your fieldwork classroom?

o   Give examples from your observation to explain how teachers guide children’s behavior?

o   Using examples, relate the observed teacher guidance strategies to the Twelve Steps for Guiding Behavior (connect to Twelve Steps for Guiding Behavior, in chapter 12 “Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education “George S. Morrison)

  • You as an ECE Professional

o   Briefly discuss your overall fieldwork experience throughout the semester by describing three inspiring and interesting things that you learned about being a teacher, and the field of early childhood education.

o   How has this field observation influenced you to think about you as a teacher? What have you learned about yourself?