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Does the Prime Minister of Canada have too much power

Category: Essay Writing


Please critique the following questions:

  1. Does the Prime Minister of Canada have too much power?



For these written assignments, students are expected to prepare properly structured papers of 1,200-1,500 words that critically evaluate one of the assigned questions, provide documented evidence in the form of at least 3 third party citations taken from government, academic or news media sources to support the critique.

The word limit is inclusive of quotations and students should present their ideas thoughtfully and succinctly. The bibliography is not counted as part of the word limit.

It is expected that students follow generally accepted norms of evidenced-based opinion writing and students are encouraged to be critical and provocative. This of course is contingent on your points being argued clearly, logically, and persuasively. All quotations should note the page of the article from which they are taken.


A high standard of writing will apply for these assignments, including the format, footnotes, and references.


Your written work must be:

–                      in proper grammatical form

–                      type-written

–                      double spaced

–                      in 12-point Arial font

–                      a one-inch wide margins on all four sides

–                      inclusive of page numbers

–                      inclusive of a separate title page and properly annotated using the MLA style guide (footnotes or endnotes)


Since communication is an important managerial skill, you will be marked for both content and style, including the proper use of grammar and spelling.