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Discuss at least five common rape myths, and discuss why they are untrue

Category: Essay Writing

Answer each question fully in essay form. Please make sure to use academic website sources only as I mentioned below.


Case Studies

You need to answer ALL of the following questions. For Case Studies answer each question separately under the respective question. Use academic website sources like .org .gov (Do not use or Wikipedia).  Answer each with a minimum of 250 words.


  1.             Categorize the following sexual dysfunction by duration, context and frequency:  a 35-year-old woman has never been able to achieve orgasm with her current partner; however, she has had orgasms with past partners and with masturbation in both the past and present.


Legal Case Studies: for the following case studies describe ALL of the legal determination of what has occurred and discuss the best ways to prevent or deal with the issue (assume you are in the state of California). Please answer each question separately under the respective question.

  1. Case Study A: Mike is Melanie’s direct supervisor.  They are working together on a project and Mike has asked Melanie to dinner to continue to discuss the project.  After diner he states: “Maybe if we cooperate well on this project, I can make things better for you at your next evaluation.” His tone and voice insinuate that “cooperate” means something romantic.
  2. Case Study B: Walking out from a PFLAG meeting Kris was attacked by three assailants.  She was grabbed, hit in the face and her breast and crotch were fondled.  Her clothes were not removed. One of the assailants called her a fag.  Kris is not homosexual.
  3. Case Study C: Justin is the only male in an office with five women.  Every day the women in the office await the arrival of a very attractive delivery man.  After he leaves, the women spend several minutes making suggestive remarks and jokes about the man’s attractiveness.  Justin usually tries to ignore the conversation, but this daily ritual makes him uncomfortable.
  4. Case Study D: Mary and John are married.  Mary is not in the mood to have sex and tells John she does not want to have sex tonight.  He insists and physically forces himself on her.  They have had rough sex in the past which Mary has enjoyed.


Essay Questions


Answer each with a minimum of 250 words (include your word count in parentheses after your response).


  1. Discuss at least five common rape myths, and discuss why they are untrue.
  2. Discuss some of the reasons why couples fail to use contraception or protection.

Research Questions


Write a 500 word minimum response (include word count in parenthesis after). You must include at least two academic website sources (Do not use or Wikipedia).


  1. Describe the challenges facing the U.S. military today in regards to sexual issues, including homosexual relationships and sexual assault and harassment of female personnel.  Give ways you think the military should work to improve the situations, include policies and practices.