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Discourse Analysis

Category: Essay Writing

Discourse Analysis

Paper details

Hello, I need a report or research which analysis an episode of the TV show Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. Please be careful for every single detail I ask you for then ask me if you don’t understand any point.
-To whtch one of his episode click on this link

The report will include four sections and I will give you an analyizatiom for all of them in a powerpoint file:
•an abstract of the study;
•a brief introduction in which you identify the research questions and explain your conceptual framework;((I will provide you with the conceptual frameworks in a word file)
•a “methods” section;
•a “results” section;
•a discussion of the implications of your results.
I also will provide you with a sample paper of a student that done this report correctly and I want you to be clear with what my paper supposed to be.

There are many conceptual frameworks and I select two that goes with the Tv shows I choosed. You can choose one of these two what ever you prefer.

The first conceptual framework id Barton’s (2006) and it is about front stage and backstage. In the TV show you can analyse some of the scenes from the episode that indicate this study, FOR EXAMPLE when the chef Ramsey goes to the restaurant and watch there work and what they do it is in the front stage and when he send his secret teams to the restaurant secretly and judge their efforts is a back stage and so on you can choose one episode but analysis it perfectly.
The second frame work that you can do is Smith’s (2006) and it focus on the facework you write about the same scenes but in order to classify them into face saving or face threatening and so on. (e.g the secret team goal is face threaten

– To understand these conceptual framwork I will provide you with articles that explain them HOWEVER you can choose only one to write about.
– please put a table and classify either the T-units of facework or key terms (front stage, back stage).

please read what I provide and use the student sample to know what exactly I want (she used another conceptual framework)