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Developments in Sustainable Marketing

Category: Marketing


Task and Structure

You will deliver an individual written Report, 2,000 words, on an aspect of sustainability. You will be required to understand and apply the theories of sustainability marketing and apply them to live client briefs, working closely with the client throughout the process. This report will concern the public sector. Sample reports are available on myCourse MKT 468. Each client project requires a slightly different approach and this will be discussed with you in detail at the time.

For this assignment, you are required to investigate the sustainability policies and practices of your local council, i.e. the one based in your home area, whether this be in the UK, the wider EU or any other country that you are from. Your report will take the following form:

A brief introduction about the size, nature and scope of your local council, and its overall budget as well as its budget for eco and sustainability or conservation policies

A detailed review of the sustainability policies and practices that your council is engaged in

A primary research study amongst people you know who live in the council’s geographical rea, to find out what their opinions are about current services, and how they can be improved. This research will probably take the form of a questionnaire and focus groups or interviews.

Reference to models of theories that help you to analyse the current and future ways in which your council develops and markets its sustainability practices

Strategies and recommendations for future action and the development of sustainability policies, including ideas concerning the way in which the council should promote these services through marketing communications and PR.