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Development Process for a Health Services Plan

Category: Healthcare

This assessment item focuses on the skills required to develop a health services plan.
NB You are not expected to write the health services plan, but merely describe how you would approach developing it.
Objective(s): This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s): A, B, C and D
This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attribute(s): 1.1, 1.2, 3.1 and 3.2
Length: 2500 words (report style)
Task: Local Health Districts (LHDs) were established in 2011 in NSW, and are responsible for managing public hospitals and health institutions and for providing health services to defined geographical areas of New South Wales. Their aim is to provide high quality, appropriate and safe health services for the community. Once established each LHD developed a range of health service plans.
Southern Urban LHD health service plans are reaching their end date and new health service plans must now be developed.
Southern Urban LHD services a population of 850,000 and includes a tertiary referral hospital, two district hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital and a wide range of community health services. The LHD serves some semi-rural towns, but primarily delivers services to urban areas of Sydney.
1. Select a clinical specialty (specific service type) from the following list:
‫.‬ trauma
‫.‬ maternity
‫.‬ cancer
‫.‬ renal
‫.‬ aged care
‫.‬ mental health
‫.‬ drug and alcohol
‫.‬ paediatrics
‫.‬ general medicine
‫.‬ general surgery
‫.‬ cardiology
‫.‬ perioperative services
‫.‬ oral health
‫.‬ a service from your own experience
The selected health service type should not be too specific (e.g. choose mental health rather than eating disorders services, choose renal medicine services rather than kidney transplant services).
2. Develop a guide for the LHD Executive which outlines the development process for a full clinical service plan appropriate to your chosen specialty in the LHD for the next ten year. The plan should address some of the significant challenges in your selected service, which may relate to the service model, technology, cost or workforce.
page8image21448.png ¬ page8image21608.png ¬ The guide should include descriptions of:

‫.‬ the scope of the plan (scope is the part of planning that involves determining and documenting the boundaries of the plan, specific goals, expected deliverables, and so on)
‫.‬ governance and management (the governance group sets the strategic direction of the plan and provides broad oversight to its development, while management refers to those responsible for the operational development of the plan)
‫.‬ what data will be required and how it will be presented
‫.‬ who should be consulted, and the form this consultation should take
‫.‬ an approximate timeline, divided into major stages
‫.‬ what your communication strategy should include for the duration of the planning process (keeping people informed)
‫. ‬identification of key risks or problems that might occur during the planning process, and a summary of how these might be managed
‫.‬ what your evaluation framework might include.
page9image1496.png ¬ page9image1656.png ¬ page9image1816.png ¬ page9image1976.png ¬ page9image2136.png ¬ page9image2296.png ¬ page9image2456.png ¬ page9image2616.png ¬
30% Considers the steps and stages in undertaking a health services planning process and of planning principles within a project plan
15% Compiles and discusses key data in relation to a health services planning process
25% Critically evaluates the planning principles and any existing plans in relation to a health services planning process
10% Constructs information in a logical and readable format, with appropriate balance between text and numerical and trend data in tables and charts
10% Validates perspectives through correct interpretation and explicit linkage of relevant and current literature (> year 2004) to the assessment focus
10% Produces correct grammar, spelling, formatting, style (report), and referencing
Subject objectives
Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
Consider the principles and components of planning when devising or evaluating a healthcare program, service, facility or model of care;
Integrate data analysis skills and tools into planning when devising a healthcare program, service, facility or model of care;
Determine the major theoretical issues and frameworks that underpin health services planning and evaluation, including facilitating and constraining factors;
Create a variety of ways in which complex issues can be effectively communicated for a variety of target audiences.

This subject also contributes specifically to the following graduate attributes:
Critique, interpret and synthesise data and research findings to develop safe, effective and evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges. (1.1)
Propose relevant problem solving and human factors theories to the analysis of common issues inherent in the management and evaluation of healthcare services . (1.2)
Create and lead social and ethical accountability to enable efficient use of resources and equity of access to optimal and safe health care. (3.1)