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Develop a strategic analysis and objective plan to implemant ethical and legal standards of my business venture ( which is to become an event planner at a corporate media company)

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Ethics in event planning

Paper details

develop a strategic analysis and objective plan to implemant ethical and legal standards of my business venture ( which is to become an event planner at a corporate media company)

Ethics and Event planning industry- Outline

  1. Business Overview- Constructive Action (CA) description

To become an experimental events planner at a corporate media company; earning my MBA in media Management will help expand and cultivate my critical skills., experience and knowledge needed to qualify for the position I am seeking. The constructive action courses outlined in the program serve as a blueprint to effectively succeed in our business venture. I will use the experience to develop and expand my knowledge in the digital and publishing industry, grasping an overall concept of the business operations on a corporate level

A career in the event planning industry can be a lucrative business if you build a strong network and clientele.  The business is economically thriving and can provide employment opportunities because it can be implemented in various genres of other industries. Event planning is known to serve two types of market divisions: corporate market and the social market of people around the globe. According to a report in reputed The Wall Street Journal, it takes around 150 hours of work from an event planner and the staff to manage an event from the beginning till the end (, 2014). The event planning industry is young and dynamic, growing rapidly and witnessing huge investments globally (Goldblatt, 2001).

** please revise the paragraph in relations to this paper**


2                   Target Market Size/Revenue Potential/Marketing Strategy:

  • 21- 50 Years
  • Corporate companies leading in Media and Entertainment
  • Commission and/or salary based position

**Describe the target market of the event planning industry**


  1.            Importance of ethics and social responsibility in a business


** use code of ethics and princples to support this part of the paper**

Code of Ethics in event planning

  • To maintain an organization of professionals recognized for pursuing the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, all members subscribe to the EPA Code of Ethics:
  • Continually strive to raise the level of professionalism and excellence in the events industry through ethical, reliable and competent conduct.
  • Provide compassionate, professional service of the highest level at all times.
  • Utilize continuing education programs and networking opportunities to enhance their knowledge base and raise their level of professionalism.
  • Adhere to all safety standards set for the industry.
  • Utilize proper legal contracts to protect themselves and their clients.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities.
  • Treat other event professionals with the utmost respect.
  • Encourage newcomers to the industry through local mentoring and intern programs.
  • Provide time and talent to benefit their community through the local Chapter’s philanthropic efforts or other opportunities.


 principle standards to follow in an event planning market

  • Recognize the rights of clients to participate in planning decisions
  • Strive to give clients (including those who lack formal organization or influence) full, clear and accurate information on planning issues and the opportunity to have a meaningful role in the development of plans and programs;
  • Strive to expand choice and opportunity for all persons, recognizing a special responsibility to plan for the needs of disadvantaged groups and persons;
  • Assist in the clarification of goals, objectives and final outcome
  • Ensure that reports, records and any other non-confidential information which is, or will be, available to decision makers is made available to the client as well, in a transparent manner,  a convenient format and sufficiently in advance of any decision making.

4.             Identification of Legal Issues in event planning –


–       contractual agreement

–       client relations and promissory notes

–       executing the event to the client’s requirement

–       funds and budgeting



5.             Legal & Ethical Issues  in my Constructive Action

1.  Issue1 – abiding by the ethical standards of the media company that I want to work in and also keeping transparency with my clients, co-workers, external vendors that are all involved


2.  Issue2 – monetizing on each event without falsely overcharging or buffing budgets and expenses needed to execute the project


3. C. Issue3 – managing incentive opportunities that does not compromise the client nor the media company involve, yet benefits positively in the way the event is executed.


** please also use a case study to support this section**


6.            Philanthropic use of event planning

Describe ways event planner can positively use charitable work or organization that support their ethical belief in the business industry

7.            Conclusion