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Designing an Intervention HMWK

Category: Homework Help
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Designing an Intervention HMWK

Belsky reports that the earlier you can intervene and teach people the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle (and the consequences of leading a risky lifestyle), the better their aging experience will be.

THERE ARE TWO PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT! Design a campaign for a specific life stage to improve compliance in living a healthy lifestyle. The findings may be presented on poster board, Powerpoint slides, bumper stickers, or any other medium choice. You will bring this into class and present it. Use the following questions to help cover various aspects in your campaign designs. You will type this and submit it.

1)      Focus/topic of campaign

2)      Title of campaign

3)      Target age group or life stage

4)      What cognitive skills does your target group possess?

5)      What is the primary message you are trying to get across to your group?

6)      What medium will you use to communicate your message?