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Denise Duhamal’s poem “How it Will End”

Category: Essay Writing

Paper instructions:
Essay #3: Poetry Analysis

•Select ONE of the approx. fifty poems from our reading  assignments and write an explication essay.  I have chosen Denise Duhamal’s “How it Will End”.
Be sure that you use the appropriate literary terms in your essay as well as refer to specific passages in your chosen poem for support. Also be sure to use “/” to indicate line breaks in your quotations.  Note that in MLA, you should cite the line numbers in the in-text citations, such as (lines 1-2) after a direct quote.

Note: a common pitfall that students make is simply to retell or summarize the poem(s) line by line in their essays.  Assume the reader has read the poem, and therefore, you are to provide a deeper understanding of the poem through your analysis.

Your poetry essay should be 4-6 pages (no less than 4 pages plus the Works Cited).  While research is not required, if you do use outside sources, you MUST cite your sources following MLA documentation