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Deciding to eat ethically

Category: Ethics

One of the most important aspects of examining the world is through self-reflection. As we have new experience and confront new perspectives, our old views begin to change. It is worth taking time to identify how these changes came about and examine the impact this understanding might have to the general public.

Attending St. Edward’s probably represented a major shift from your previous life. Examine a concept or issue that has altered in your time at school, whether it was in or outside of class. This can be either universal or personal. Establish what concept you will be talking about in particular. What was your previous understanding and how has it subsequently changed or deepened? How did it change? Make an argument for its significance to you and why.

Note the prompt for this question allows for the use of first person. Write this as an argumentative paper, critically analyzing why this reflection is important, to you and the larger audience.