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Cultural Competency Readiness

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Cultural Competency Readiness

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I conducted a research study to assess the level of cultural competency amongst MSW students at my university. The paper components are as follows: Overview
Review your data collected in SSW504. Compose a 5-8 page paper following APA 6th
edition formatting and present a Results chapter of your research project. The results chapter will consist of different subsections depending on whether you have conducted a qualitative or quantitative design. Templates will be provided in the Resources forum for you to follow and use n your own paper. Choose the correct template based on your design. The templates will provide example phrasing, narratives, results, etc. that should assist you in crafting your own paper. Simply remove the already existing information in the templates and replace with your own information. The paper should consist of the following subsections for a quantitative paper:(Quantitative Subsections)Introduction Descriptive Analysis Inferential Analysis.

COURSE ANUAL – SSW 504SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH II6 | Page(Qualitative Subsections) Introduction Descriptive Analysis Themes and Memos Qualitative Results Paper components •Re-introduce and identify the purpose and research question in the Introduction subsection •Discuss the demographics and characteristics of the study in the Descriptive Analysis subsection •Present key results that address the research question (either n he Inferential Analysis[quantitative design] or the Themes and Memos and Qualitative Results subsections [qualitative design]). Include tables, figures, quotes, etc. to illustrate results, as appropriate, as per APA 6thedition formatting Expectations •Write 5-8 pages following APA 6thedition formatting (including title page and References)•Write in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. Cite sources as needed.•1stperson point of view is acceptable in this chapter