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Critical Thinking

Category: Essay Writing

Critical Thinking – 10 points  (400-word limit)


Read the following paragraph and provide a brief analysis of it from a critical thinking point of view


“Wolverine is the most awesome superhero ever.  Anyone who won’t admit that Wolverine is the greatest superhero of all time is an idiot who knows nothing about comic-book superheroes.  In 2008 Wolverine was ranked by a magazine as #1 among the top 200 superheroes in history, which proves that the folks at Marvel Comics are entertainment geniuses who are far more talented than those losers at DC Comics and other wannabe comic-book producers.  My cousin Vinnie, who reads more comic books and sees more superhero movies than anyone I know, agrees that Marvel Comics must be the best because their stuff is the most enjoyable.  Plus, with

Wolverine, Marvel Comics came up with a superhero that will never be topped.  Sure, there may be some ‘artsy’ superheroes out there like Batman or the Watchmen; but nobody likes movies with complex, depressing plots that make you have to pay attention to figure out what’s happening.  Also heroes like Superman have been around for like the last million years, and nobody wants to pay $8 to see some movie about the stupid adventures of some kryptonite-impaired has-been.  Anytime Wolverine’s name is on a movie it’s going to be fresh, with state-of-the-art special effects and fantastic adventure—so whenever Marvel comes out with a new Wolverine or X-Men project you should just go see it and forget about spending your hard-earned cash on any other so-called summer blockbuster movie.”


You don’t need to apply all of Browne & Keeley’s 11-critical thinking steps, but you must include at least the following three, plus any others you feel apply:


1.  What are the issue and conclusion?


2.  Identify at least three reasoning fallacies, by name, and explain why they are fallacies in this argument.


3.  Identify a value assumption in the argument.



FormGraduate level structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and citations:  20 points