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Category: Criminal law

How does age, race, gender and income influence how a police officer approaches someone who has committed a crime

Select a dataset from the ICPSR website, download it, clean the data, conduct analyses, and write up a final report. The final report is to follow the basic format of a research paper. Each paper should consist of an introduction, literature review, methods, and results and discussion section.

Each project must include descriptive statistics, a chi-square analysis, a t-test analysis, an anova analysis, and a regression analysis. The results of these analyses should then be reported throughly in the results section with tables for each. The remainder of the paper should consist of a discussion section that attempts to propose reasons that these results were found, both individually and as a whole.

Papers must be 12 to 23 pages in length, and should cite at least 10 academic journal articles. Papers that fall short of either of these requirements will receive an F, and I will not read the paper. If you are unsure of what is meant by an academic journal article, contact me immediately. Other sources such as interviews and newspaper articles are not appropriate for this assignment.