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Criminal Investigations, Course Project

Category: Project

You will be given TWO “criminal caseS” to analyze. For each of these cases you are to perform the following functions:

Evaluate the case.

Develop a strategy for investigating the crime.

Explain in detail how you would conduct the investigation.

Explain in detailwhat evidence should be collected and what significance it may have to the case.

Explain in detail your theory on how/why the crime took place. Provide evidence, details,etc. to support your theory.

Explain what steps you would take to conduct the investigation.


The case #1 to analyze is a ROBBERY as follows

On September 15, 2014 at approximately 11:15 pm the Stop & Rob at 34 Carlton Ave. was reportedly robbed by two armed suspects. The following is a summary of the events that were reported to the primary officer.

Store clerk: Around 11:00 o’clock I saw a man enter the store and head over to the beer cooler. He was a tall, thin, white guy wearing jeans and a tee shirt. I was waiting on another customer so I didn’t pay too much attention. Right after I finished with the customers I saw another guy enter the store. He was a white guy too, I think. He was kind of short and heavy-set and was wearing dark clothes. When he came in he waited up by the door looking at the candy display. A customer at the gas pumps was having trouble getting the pump to work and she called me on the intercom. I went to the intercom and explained how to reset the pumps. When I returned to the cash register the tall, thin white guy was waiting. He asked me if I knew what time it was. I turned to show him there was a clock on the wall behind me and when I turned back to face him he was pointing a gun at me. He yelled to the short guy by the door, “you know what to do”!The shorter one then came around the counter and pushed me down to the floor. He pulled out a garbage bag and pulled it over my head. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear them talking.

The taller guy’s voice was now further away and seemed to be coming from over near the front door. The shorter one was close by, I could hear him moving and felt him bump me a couple of times. After a few minutes, I think, one of them pulled my hands up behind my back and wrapped my wrist with tape. A few minutes later I could hear them talking quietly near the door. Then I heard one of them, I don’t know which one, scream that he would kill me if I didn’t count to 1000 before I got up. He started counting, 1, 2, 3. I

picked up there and counted on. After about a minute I heard the door open and then I didn’t hear them anymore. I kept counting anyway but started to try to work my hands free. I heard the door open again and thought they had returned. I lay still and resumed counting out loud, I guess the customer heard me and said, “Hello, are you ok?” I could tell by their voice that it was not the robbers. I screamed for him to help me. I could hear two people whispering then I felt someone pulling the bag off my head. It was a guy I knew that is a regular customer at the store. He got a box cutter from the drawer and cut my hands free. I told them I had been robbed and I then called the police. About 5 minutes later you (the officer) showed up.

Items known to have been taken in the robbery: cash in the amount of $2,146.00. A large number of one dollar bills were included in this amount. An unknown number of checks written to the store by various customers. Six cartons of “Marlboro” brand cigarettes. A jar containing an unknown amount of bills and change. Thejar was a donation jar used to collect donations to a local child for medical expenses. It was located on the store counter next to the cash register.


“Suspicious Death”, Investigation

The following is a summary of a preliminary death investigation.

On Sunday January 5111 at approximately 3:20 pm a subject by the name of Tanner Olsen was walking along state highway 745 in the area of mile marker 43. He stated that he was collecting aluminum cans along the roadway near the ditch line. As he walked along, Olsen noticed a large piece of cardboard on the opposite side of the ditch near the edge of a wooded area. He stated that he often finds cans lying beneath objects so he lifted the cardboard sheet. What he saw was what he described as the body of a person. He immediately dropped the cardboard sheet, moved away from the body to a position near the roadway and used his cell phone to call the police.

The following is the observations made by the primary, responding officer.

Upon arrival at the scene I made contact with the reportee, Tanner Allen Olsen. Olsen directed me to a large sheet of cardboard lying on the ground approximately 15 yards from the edge of state highway 745. The cardboard was approximately 3 inches thick, 4 feet wide and about 6 feet tall. I could clearly see the logo of the appliance company “Maytag” displayed on the top side of the cardboard. The cardboard was dry and was free of any debris. The cardboard was slightly raised in the middle indicating that it was

resting upon an object underneath . I gently lifted the edge of the cardboard sheet and saw what appeared to be the leg and foot of a person.

Further observations: After documenting the position of the cardboard and other aspects of the crime scene, the cardboard was removed revealing the semi-clothed body of a petite, white female. The body was lying face up with the legs lying straight down and the arms folded across the upper half of the torso. The body was lying in a position similar to that of a body in a coffin. Makeup was visible on the lips and eyes. A bright, red nail polish could be seen on the fingernails. The deceased had around her neck a silver-colored chain with a silver-colored, heart-shaped pendant. On the back of the pendant were visible the letters, BAK.

The female appeared to be approximately 20 years of age. She was approximately 5 feet,

six inches tall and weighed approximately 110 pounds. Her hair was cut short around the face and was a medium brown color. The only clothing visible on the body was the red blouse she was we·aring. Except for where the blouse was in contact with the ground, the blouse was clean, free of damage, and had the appearance of having been recently pressed. A purplish-red color could be seen extending down the outer-edge of the right leg down to the foot. No such discoloration was present on the left leg. When lifting the deceased it was noted that the body was cold to the touch and appeared to be in full rigor. No insect activity was detected. A cursory examination of the body showed no obvious signs of trauma.Notation : On Friday, January 3rd the weather was rainy and cold. On Saturday, January

4th there was no rain but the weather was cold with freezing temperatures overnight.