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Creating the effective lesson

Category: Essay Writing

write an outline of a post-lesson learning activity (1 page of text maximum) assessing students’ understanding of the lesson

2. A short essay (400 words maximum) that describes the lesson and learning activity rationale in more detail.

On completion of this individual project, you will be able to:

1. Use the information from The Effective Lesson (both the course lecture and

Chapter 7 of Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice) to design your own

lesson plan

2. Understand and relate some fundamental psychological concepts to education

Assignment prompt:

Please design an effective 80-minute course lesson by addressing each of the

following points. You may come up with your own course topic, or choose to “revise”

a topic from a course you have taken before (including this course).

1. Clearly state the topic of your course lesson.

2. Identify your target audience. How old are your students? At what levels of

cognitive and socioemotional development should they be?

3. State the learning objectives of your course lesson.

4. Explain how you will orient your students to your lesson.

5. Identify any prerequisites your students may need, and describe how you will

review these prerequisites.

6. Explain how you will present the material. For example, how will you structure

your lesson? How will you emphasize the important points? How will you explain

new concepts? What will you do to maintain student interest and attention? In

addition to direct instruction, what would you do to facilitate the teaching and


7. Identify any in-class learning probes you intend to use to check student


8. Identify any in-class independent exercises you intend to use for students to

rehearse new skills or information.

9. Describe a post-lesson learning activity you will use to assess student

understanding and performance.

10.Be sure to credit the textbook and any other external sources in accordance to

APA guidelines.