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Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

Category: Literature

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

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i want you to watch the film first ( Coriolanus by William Shakespeare ) .. then answer the q that provided here :


Ralph Fiennes didn’t do so badly as Corio baby did he? Well, so I ask you to review the text, think about it for a while, just recollect the corresponding scenes from the film, and you will be on your way to answering the following question(s). To wit:

Coriolanus of course is actually a title, a name given to a Roman general who has done well on the battlefield and earned the honor of being called Coriolanus. Well, this Marcus Gaius may have earned the title well, but alas, he comes to grief in the end and fails. So my question is: did he have to fail? And what really brought the man down? His pride? His disdain for the repugnant masses? Ugh, just think of them! Or was it his lack of political ability? Or inability to navigate the troubled waters of Rome? Alas he knew not what he did, says I. But then I don’t know either