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Conflict and Relationship.

Category: Essay Writing

Main topic:  “Conflict and Relationship.

Personal Instructions. Please use the provided outline to write the PowerPoint presentation. You can modify it to suite the title and the topic. I also want what I will read as the presenter’s or speakers notes to go with it. The speaker’s notes can be on a separate sheet and it has to be in line with the PowerPoint slides. Though I have a reference page, it can change depending on which research essay you want to use. I want some in text citation and anything that goes with research essay. I will upload the rest of the information. Thank you.




TITLE OF SPEECH: (This should be different from the main topic)

             Have you ever been in conflict?


I want my audience to know that conflict has both good and bad influence but how to manage or resolve conflict is the key point.”


            Conflict have an impact on relationships being a characteristic of human existence and part of the dynamic of life that drives us into the future, emphasis on solving with integrated approaches is important.

INTRODUCTION (Please Use G.R.I.P Great introductions have four parts: GRIP

Get attention (if it has visual components, please describe in parentheses).  Please see page 287-289 in text for examples.
Reveal the topic
Introduce yourself and/or a statement of credibility: Why should we listen to you?
Preview the content (usually the three to five main points of the body)