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Computer science

Category: Computer science

You are tasked with designing a web site for a real client, a restaurant located in Titusville. Their current site is: (Links to an external site.)
…and is in need of help. In order to accomplish this task, you should design a site that features the following:

• Multiple pages, including a MENU , photo gallery, catering, reviews, contact form, newsletter signup, and anything else you think necessary for a restaurant
• Your own CSS with a custom look and feel. Do not simply re-use some other site’s design
• jQuery/Ajax inspired animations and features, such as rotating images, popup menus, and dynamic animations
• (optional) A form (perhaps the ability to SIGN UP for a newsletter and to send comments/questions, or a catering signup sheet)
Use the client’s page as a starting point for content, but feel free to expand further. You will be graded based on uniqueness, visual design, and functionality.