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Complete Issue Analysis Nursing Professionalism- Nursing Promotion& Diversity

Category: Nursing

This paper is based upon the Discussions regarding all Professional Organizations that occurred throughout all Modules

1) You are asked to pick any issue that was discussed in any of the Discussion Boards throughout the course – Mission and Structure, Theories/Strategic Plans, Economic Structures, Promotion, Diversity, Leadership, Management, and Change. Your issue does not have to be approved if it is one of these topics. If you would like to ‘stray’ slightly from one of these topics, you are welcome to as long as it was covered within the course/text…and you email me for approval.

2) Analyze the Points surrounding that issue (not your organization… the issue/topic) in-depth. You are looking at how these issues affect Nursing and Professionalism – Consider Current Options, Pros and Cons, Societal Issues, Promotion or Prohibition of Change, Inter- or Intra- Disciplinary Issues, and any other appropriate/pertinent points.

3) Your Paper should also include a summary discussing the role of, and perspective of, Nursing as a Profession. As this module asks… Are we a Profession Yet?

Complete Issue Analysis(20%)
 In this assignment due in Module Six, you will be asked to pick any issue discussed
on the Trends and Issues Discussion Boards throughout the course and analyze the
points in-depth. In particular, you will want to consider current options, pros and
cons, societal issues prohibiting or promoting change, inter- and intra- disciplinary issues prohibiting or promoting change, and conclude the paper by summarizing
the role and perspectives of nursing as a profession (or not)?