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compare the movie Hercules with Mythology by Edith Hamilton, which includes the story of Hercules

Category: Essay Writing

A brief review (no more than a paragraph) of the film and what it’s about.

4. What does the film tell us about the time and place in which it is set? What are the differences/similarities between the setting of the film and our own time and place?

5. What are the differences between the film and the supplemental work? Why, in your opinion, did the film-maker make these changes? Did the film-maker “get it right”?

6 How does the film-maker use his/her art and production values to comment upon human experience in the film?

7. What historical indicators (art, technology, costume, custom, religion) appear in the film? Are they presented authentically? Are there any historical anomalies (e.g., steel in the stone age, contemporary language or behavior)?

8. What ultimate value does this film have to a Humanities class?

9. Would you recommend this film to a friend? Would you recommend the supplemental work?

10. If you were the film-maker, how could you have improved on the product? To make it more entertaining? More educational? More interesting? More authentic?

11. Does this film help you to understand human nature, behavior, the human experience or your own life any better?

12. Are there any similarities, reminders or relationships between this film and modern life, public figures, or common situations? Are they intentional, in your opinion? Why, or why not?