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Class Psy 12 – The Adolescent: Development, Relationships, and Culture

Category: Essay Writing

Textbook: The Adolescent: Development, Relationships, and Culture (Kim Gale Dolgin – 13th Edition).
Use only 13th Edition of the textbook. Chapter #10
Scenario # 3
Please read (Chapter 10) carefully and identify a minimum of 5 concepts from Chapter 10
Please include definitions and page numbers that relate to the information provided in the scenario.
Please explain your answer for each 5 concepts.
Janet has good relationships with her parents and brother, and they talk and tease each other every day. It is rare that they argue and become angry at each other for any period of time. Her parents are “doers” and have a lot of friends that they know from work and community volunteer work. As it happens, her parents also are friends with parents of her friends from clubs and organizations in which she has membership. Janet enjoys most of the members from these groups too.
In grade school, Janet’s close friends were always girls. During her first year in middle school, some of the clubs like figure skating and hockey started doing things together after practice. Later in junior high, her parents let her go on “group dates” with friends from church or school. They went to arcades with video games, to the mall, and to ice cream stores. As a group, they occasionally helped with fundraisers for the skating teams.
Last September Janet met Ryan, a new student who recently moved from San Francisco. They talk on the telephone almost every day, meet after school to work on homework a couple times a week, and go on a formal date every Saturday night. They often go to a game, party, or meet friends on weekends too. Neither of them takes the other for granted, but they both have plans for college and career and realistic expectations for a romantic relationship.
A scenario assignment gives us an opportunity to delve deeper into several selected chapter.
Your task is to read the scenario carefully and analyze it by selecting relevant information from Chapter 10.
You might find that some concepts readily and easily apply to the scenario and help you analyze it, and some other concepts might not provide you with any insight.
It does not matter which concepts you present, as long as you can justify your response by explaining it in detail.
Each concept you select from the textbook must be clearly stated and defined, followed by your explanation as to why that concept applies to the scenario.
Please underline the concept.
You must include 5 concepts from Chapter 10.
The scenario must be 500 to 600 words.
Please put the page numbers in the work.