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Chicken man blows up home

Category: Essay Writing
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Then you should write an essay that follows the following template.
Section 1: Summarize the Wordes article (this is the “Chicken Man” article). Just condense the actual events.
Section 2: Explain how the conflicts that Wordes experienced expanded out to include more people and also to become more impersonal, more removed.
Section 3: Now generalize the path of conflict so that it can be applied to an abstract, theoretical person. Here you should think in terms of the question “If I had to explain the pattern in general terms so that people in my audience can begin to recognize people who are at risk to fall into this pattern, how would I do it?
Section 4: Now close up your essay by pointing to another real-life example like Andrew Wordes. Now, this person will not be as far gone as Wordes, but you can suggest that he/she is on the same path. This should be a celebrity whose self-destructive lifestyle is putting him or her at odds with those around the celebrity. This celebrity must also have problems with the impersonal forces of legal, commercial, and media opponents.
The finished product must be at least 500 words long. Please provide a word-count statement at the very end.