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central american studies

Category: History

You need to read the good cripple book. literally analysis . my theme is women vs men in the book.

Tips for a Literary Analysis: The genre of Project Text is a literary analysis. Your goal throughout the project was to analyze Rodrigo Rey Rosa’s The Good Cripple through different microessays, depending on the theme for that week.

To reach 10 pages, map out your essay first, as we discussed in class. If you make a visual map for yourself.

Use some common narrative terms we’ve used in class, such as juxtapose, gaze (male gaze), flashback/flashforward, hyper-feminine, machismo, etc.

Annotate and re-read the text for themes, motifs, and multiple analyses. You can analyze a passage for at least two different themes.

If you find that you’re repetitive in the essay, that means your focus is too narrow, and you should email me so we can discuss it.

You are allowed to email me for help as long as you email me a specific question. Don’t just email to say you’re confused or send me your entire essay. Email me with a specific question in mind.

Also, reach out to each other for help.

1. Clear, descriptive title & subtitles

2. Thesis uses a transitional phrase and has a claim based on analysis

3. Introduction introduces the author, the novel (novel title should be italicized), and provides context on the book before transitioning between major ideas

4. Do you back up major claims with support from the text? Do you provide a complete argument? A complete argument is one that is not one-sided.

For example:

If you’re arguing that Ana Lucia is a weak, female character, then you must also give examples of when she breaks that weakness, and more importantly, how that break still supports your overall analysis that she is a weak character.

Likewise, if your argument is that Ana Lucia is a strong character, then you must address the instances where she becomes weak. Then explain and analyze (using textual evidence) why those breaks in character are not enough to label her weak.

5. Check against wordiness and use concrete language

6. Periods and commas go inside quotation marks

7. Check for transitions

8. Check that all passages are clear and they relate back to your thesis

9. Check grammar and spelling