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Case Study – Whole Foods

Category: case study

In an essay of between 1,200 and 1,500 words, analyze the situation facing the company and recommend a solution to their most pressing issue. Use the Harvard Case Method format. I) Describe the problem/situation. What is going on with the firm? What key challenges is it facing? How well is its current strategy working to confront these challenges? (Note: If all seems to be going well, what possible challenges could it face in the future? Why?) This component should be about 300-350 words. DO NOT restate the history of the company or try to describe its environment. Assume your reader has also read the same case. Your job is to analyze, not retell the story.

II) Analyze the current situation. Defend your conclusion that there is a problem or challenge with models or data. Use competitive analysis, financial analysis, or a review of management literature to support your statements. This is not opinion. Every point you make needs to be backed with some form of evidence. Depending on the complexity of the issue (or the relative use of numbers versus words) this component should represent the core of your paper, and can be between 500 and 800 words.

III) Propose a future action. Based on your analysis, what should the firm do now? This conclusion should flow naturally from your analysis. Do not make any recommendations that your have not already supported with facts or data in the previous section! You may be specific in terms of implementation of this strategy or briefly describe future challenges here. This component should be short: you can cover this in 200-250 words.