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Case study: London Luton’s Airport expansion plans

Category: case study

Alternative assessment – 2500 words +/- 10

Case study: London Luton’s Airport expansion plans



Consider the document on the proposal for airport expansion in Luton London Airport, and the related news articles. You have been employed by the Chief Executive officer of the airport to put forward the resourcing plan for the proposal, to increase staff and train them for the expansion.  This will be completed in 2030, but is an ongoing project.


The Master Plan proposed developments to the airport, which would double the jobs in the airport by 2016.  These initial development stages are now completed and staffing of the newly developed airport needs to be planned carefully, it is anticipated that the site will need an extra 2,200 staff.



Your task is to write a report considering the following:

  1. What are the key employee resourcing issues that need to be considered to ensure that the airport is fully staffed and ready to go from 2016 to full capacity in 2030, what do you think are the key stages of this development. (consider these briefly drawing on relevant articles and published data to support this, as an introduction to your more detailed plan).

(This is the introduction and should broadly out the areas you intend to cover in section 2, such as recruitment, selection, induction, performance management etc)


  1. Your job is to consider once the expansion is completed what jobs and skills will the airport need to recruit?  Looking at the plans consider which areas are the most likely to need extra resource, are these , unskilled, semi skilled, highly skilled?  Are they likely to attract full time or part time workers? Will they be easy to recruit or difficult to recruit?

(This is more detailed, but still general analysis, based on the areas outlined in the introduction.  You should also draw on such data as ONS (office of national statistics), to inform your answers, as well as supporting your analysis with wider reading of the areas of resourcing)


  1. Draw up a resourcing plan to bring up the airport expansion over time, with sufficient trained staff.  Take into consideration the increase in jobs, the local labour markets and the training implications for the organisation.  Your action plan needs to show consideration of key dates and time and cost implications. Take three different kinds of jobs, one in each of the above categories (unskilled/ semi skilled/ highly skilled), and consider what might be appropriate ways for recruiting suitable employees, as an example of the planning the airport needs to consider.  Use these as an example of your resourcing plan and give a detailed action plan for these jobs.

(It is important to use this to demonstrate your understanding of the detail that you would be expected to get from your more general analysis)


  1. The assignment should be in a report style, supported by evidence of reading around the subject by the deadline set.