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Avoid the Hustle

Case Study

Category: case study

1. What are the current challenges facing Tesco? You will need to analyse the internal and external forces for change, this may include economic conditions, competitors etc. You will also need to use models such as PESTLE, SWOT and Force Field Analysis to support your answers.

2. As a large organisation, Tesco is about to undergo a major change programme, it is very likely that there will be resistance to change from employees. What recommendations would you provide to Dave Lewis (new CEO) to manage resistance to change within Tesco? For this answer you will need to look at some of the ways in which resistance to change can be managed, for example good communication and why this is important. You will need to use evidence from the literature to support this.

3. Critically discuss the most appropriate leadership style for Dave Lewis to adopt in this time of change. Justify your answers with evidence from the literature. For this answer you will need to critically discuss the different leadership styles such as Democratic and Autocratic and provide evidence from the literature to support your answer.