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Campus Improvement Plan Help

Category: Essay Writing

This assignment is actually 2 separate papers but they go together.  Please see part 1 and then part 2.


Part 1

Analyze your Campus Improvement Plan (CIP). Begin with listing the essential academic (curricular and curricular enhancement) programs delivered at your school, as well as the non-essential (co-curricular and extra-curricular) programs being offered. In narrative format, give rich details of each. For each curricular strand and program delivered, indicate the types of data you gathered and used to measure program effect on student achievement (student participation numbers, program cost according to personnel, materials, dollars, programmatic strengths/weaknesses, etc.). Note any program changes made during the past five years, newly implemented, changed, or eliminated. Include what data were used (or should have been used) to aid in the decision-making process that brought about that change. Discuss current student scores on standardized tests. Use AEIS/TAPR data to support your discussion. What is working and how do you know? What isn’t having an impact? How do you know that?


Part 2


Using the data collection and early analyses from Parts 1 and 2, identify the areas of your school program that need to be changed (improved, enhanced, eliminated, new implementation, etc.). Addressing a specific area of concern, provide a narrative and graphic indication of the data used and explanation of the necessary changes in the improvement plan. Very similar to the school or campus improvement plans that are required by the state, create such for addressing the identified concern(s). (i.e. goals, strategies, resources, persons responsible, evaluation instrument/resources, and timeline). Some additional questions for thought in preparing this document: Who will be involved in the process and decision(s)? What was the process used? Are there changes in that process to be made before the next evaluation cycle? When will that occur?