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Campaign for WIC Drive Through

Category: Essay Writing

Campaign for WIC Drive Through

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Write campaign using the ROPE method for a new drive thru business created for consumers who receive WIC (Women Infant Children) program in the state of North Carolina. In this campaign your consumers will have the ability to call in their WIC orders and the company will package the item and the consumer can pick it up at the drive thru window. Consumer can email their orders. Consumers can come in person and have their order package and delivered at the window. Consumers can download the app on their phone to submit their WIC order. You can make this as creative as you would like. These are general ideas to kick start your thinking. Make sure you list in your paper how you will obtain all of the WIC products in order to service the consumer as well as follow the guidelines established according to the laws. You will also need to write a fictitious home page, company information/bio page, and blog. In addition to the 3 fictitious items. You will need to write a 3 page report about this campaign using ROPE method. Briefly give any background information you find helpful about your campaign topic (research), identify key publics and write an objective for each one. Make sure in your Objectives you clarify the impact and output strategies of your campaign and Programming and ways that you could evaluate the success of your campaign. Example: Tell me how you will use Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps as part of your campaign.