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Category: Business

You will be given a case study and associated essay questions. In response, you will write a paper answering the essay questions. In the paper, you MUST incorporate content from the class readings, as well as external research into your analysis. Papers must be of high quality, displaying both conceptual depth as well as university-level composition. Make sure all written work is carefully edited. Global business involves a great deal of written communication.

Read the case “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems” (link below) and answer the following essay questions:

1. How do cultural dimensions help explain this situation? Refer to more than one scholar’s framework of cultural dimensions in your answer. DO NOT use more than one (1) of Hofstede’s dimensions.

2. Outline and discuss a range of possible options (minimum two) James could take to enhance the team’s performance. Please recommend a specific plan of action, with justification.

Case available here: