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Buddhism(Choose any topic in buddhism and make a research paper, make sure its not a claim or opinion must be a research topic)

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Buddhism(Choose any topic in buddhism and make a research paper, make sure its not a claim or opinion must be a research topic)

Paper details

Please discuss possible topics with the instructor as soon as possible. Topics must relate to main course topic (i.e. Early Buddhism).
All papers must be based on a combination of primary sources and scholarly secondary sources. The paper must utilize at least one primary-source text. Primary sources are texts or works that you discuss and analyze. Secondary sources are the research of others whom you use as support for your arguments. Source material must include approximately 500 pages from non-assigned sources (books, selections from edited collections, and/or articles). If you are in doubt about whether or not your source meets acceptable standards, consult with the instructor. Bibliographies and “further readings” suggestions in the assigned texts are good places to start searching for material, in addition to consulting with the instructor and/or library staff.
1) Aims:
• You are not writing a journalistic general descriptive essay, you are writing an original
research paper focussed on specific texts, questions, topics of exploration, arguments, aims, etc. • You are not writing for the instructor, you are writing for an educated person who does not
know your particular subject.

• All papers should show attention to structure: the introduction explains what the paper is about
and gives a thesis statement outlining the writer’s arguments and methods. Throughout the paper there are good transitions between different sections, and the conclusion summarizes the main points of the paper.
• Regardless of what you may have been told, there is no reason to avoid first-person pronouns! It is not only acceptable but preferable to say things like “I intend to argue that….” or “my research has led me to the conclusion that….” Use of first-person pronouns signals your intention to take responsibility for your claims. Be sure to acknowledge all the sources on which your claims are based.
2) Format:
• Research drafts and papers must be formatted as follows: US Letter, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font.
• Pay attention to grammar, always spell-check and proof-read.
• Give a brief definition in parentheses the first time you use any foreign language term.
Example: upaya (skillful means).
• Give dates (if that information is available) for each person or period you discuss.
Example: Wuzhu (714-774). Tang Dynasty (618-906)
• Approximate 2000-2500 word limit includes notes and bibliography.