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Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Category: Biology

1)Google: Dr Hunter Cell Biology….it is the first one that pops up. You will see Dr Hunter Cell Biology-Google Sites. Thats the one you want.
2)Click on Cell Lab Site
3)Click on Cell Culture Lab…it is on the left hand side under Dr Hunters Cell Lab Site
4)This is where you can view the procedure and such..
We have to write a lab report based on that info, in the order of 1) Abstract (which he says would be the last thing we would write, ie..what we found. although, would be the first paragraph 2) Introduction 3) Results: including graphs with interpretive titles and data: 7 data sets with at lease 12 measurements each on spread sheet 4) Conclusions: future directions

Basically, the whole report revolves around: What is the effect of Retinoic Acid on NT2 cells? Our guess would be: differentiation. What is the evidence? What proteins are up regulated? 1. tau 2. musachi 3. map2c proteins, bc: of staining. Stating that they are probably neurons because……
Negative evidence(not neurons) : TH is not up regulated, etc…
He said the conclusion should be the differentiation. The results would be the two graphs, stained and non stained data, which were longer?, etc. and then a quantitative paragraph saying what happened. The into talking about map and tao becoming neurons?
and in the future directions: what kind of neurons? What support?