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Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment of a Delany sister – either Bessie or Sadie

Category: Biology

This assignment will include 3 (three) draft papers and ne capstone paper ( each draft paper will be graded and the draft papers are not optional assignment). In the assignments, you will be completing first separately and later in the capstone a full and comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment of one of the Delany sisters. The paper should be written as if you ere presenting it at an agency meeting. As a result, it should be written in 3rd person facts should be provided to back up any assessments. Which ever Delany sister you select for this assignment will be the same sister you continue to assess for the rest of the course in the related bio-psycho-social assessment and final capstone assignment.
For this paper, you will be assessing the biological aspects of one of the Delany sisters (remember, whichever Delany sister you select for this assignment will be the same sister that you continue to assess for the rest of the course for the respective psycho-social assessments and final bio-psycho-social capstone assignment). Using the biological aspects of Later Adulthoodfound in Zastrow Kirst-Ashman text, assess the selected Delany sister. This assessment should be 500-750 words. Give examples from the Delany book to support your assessment. Make sure that you utilize APA formatting (citations, references, etc.) and include a Works Cited pages.

Consider using the following format when assessing the Delany biologically:
1. Identify a biological issue faced by older adults found in Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman. Describe it in your own words and remember to cite utilizing the APA format.
2. Consider Delany’s case. Did she show signs of biological development/change? Explain.
3. Assess the Delany sister by considering what you wrote in “1” and “2”. Is her development in this area normal or healthy (Another was of thinking about it would be “is this an area of strength or need?). Provide reasoning for your assessment and utilize APA formatting.
4. What strengths can youidentify?

This assignment is worth 40 points (10 points per section and each section will be graded on the basis of 4 points for Organization, 4 points for Content and Substance, and 2 points for Grammar and Punctuation).
This class is human behavior in the social environment.
I have the electronic book study guide Delany, Sarah, L, Delany, A .Elizabeth, Hearth, Amy, H.. (1993). Having our say: The Delany Sisters First 100 years. New York, New York: Batam Doubleday dell publishing.