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Behaviour – addiction or over-eating

Category: Research

Research Paper

Here are the guidelines for the Research Paper.

1. The Research Paper must be on a topic that you come up with yourself – although I am happy to give you help in this department.

2. You need to adopt an explanatory thesis or an argumentative thesis. The blue textbook, chapters 2 and 3, will give you guidelines for how to construct a good thesis of either type.

3. The more specific your subject, the better. Remember to limit your thesis by time and place.

3. Your paper should be no shorter than 2250 words and no longer than 3250 words. You should try for a length of 2750 words.

4. You must include 5 sources in your essay, 2 of which must be peer reviewed. Important: any paper which has fewer than 5 properly documented sources – which means both proper in-text citations and proper Reference Page entries – will fail.

Please find the rubric below.