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Beach Resort Part 2 (PHP and Ajax)

Category: Essay Writing

Using the beach.html as a starting point from the previous assignment, make a separate copy and call it beach2.html.

We will add more functionality to this page with PHP and Ajax to allow users to reserve rooms and search for activities.

Step 1. (5 points)
Create a confirmation page php file that will display the user’s reservation confirmation when they click the reserve button on the bottom of your page by the form. This confirmation should display all the form elements (name, number of guests, etc…) and then email you the results.

You can see an example of this function at: (Links to an external site.)

To email in php, see this example: (Links to an external site.)

Step 2 (5 points)

Next we will incorporate an auto-complete function. This will use Ajax and PHP to provide the user with suggested activities they may be interested in. Above the “activity” button from your previous assignment, add in a new form element that allows users to search for activities. Then when a user types in something like “vol” it will provide a suitable suggestion “volleyball”.

You will need to make a seperate php file to call. (In total you will have three new files, beach2.html and the two php files)

For details on how to complete this, please see: (Links to an external site.)