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Be able to work collaboratively

Category: Essay Writing

Learning Goal 5: Be able to work collaboratively

In this section you will develop TWO goals for your professional development relating to your ability to work collaboratively with others during your placement.  These goals will relate to either further developing a strength, or addressing a weakness, using specific aspects of LG5, based on the list below.  Your goals should relate to the development of transferable skills or capabilities that could be transferred to other roles and workplaces in the future. If you are in a permanent role you may choose different aspects particular to your work situation and career development.

The aspects are (for specific detail see the document LG5-Aspects of being able to work collaboratively on AUTonline)

  • Managing yourself effectively
  • Developing a range of professional skills
  • Developing your business communication skills
  • Working with cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Working effectively in teams

You must integrate relevant concepts, models, frameworks, theories and/or technical competencies (use in text references) where relevant to support your discussion of each Aspect.